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Your call centre
is important to us

It’s often your customer’s first experience with the voice of your company, so we know it’s important to make sure all your casual call centre agents are customer service aces. 

That means being experts at giving advice or selling your services, and being able to fully express your brand.

And that’s why we make sure you find reliable workers who are great at getting to the heart of a customer’s need quickly, expertly and positively.

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Find customer
service pros

At busy times it can be a panic getting casual workers in to help out – especially when there’s so much competition for call centre staff out there. 

Whether you're planning ahead for seasonal peaks and absences or have been caught by surprise, we can help take the pressure off.

Great people ready 
to grow your brand

We want you to be able to find and manage casual workers that slot into the way you work as though they’ve been working with you for ages. So we’ve created a suite of tools that are ridiculously easy to use and understand.

  • Planner – Does the hard work by automatically matching shifts to fit your employees' own schedules.
  • Finder – Sources casual staff on demand, matches people to jobs based on the required skill level, location, availability and ratings.
  • Manager – A dedicated account manager does it all for you: plans shifts, screens applicants, hires workers and manages attendance on your behalf.
  • Builder – Shift planning for your existing employees and at the same time also finds and manages your casual workers.
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